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…well that’s what they say.

I’ve directed a show where that line was actually sung. I bought an early doors COVID face mask saying that very thing. I’ve even re-cast one of the three little pigs on opening night so the show could jolly well go on.

Leading lady on crutches

But what if it can’t?

There has been a lot of social media support for swings and understudies and rightly so.

I can’t imagine the frustration of learning a whole part and never get to perform it. I am surprised that more leading men don’t meet with slightly debilitating ‘accidents’.

Up until now the show has always gone on with colds, broken limbs, one particularly nasty tummy bug with a very young actor napping offstage between lines.

Still it matters enough that people drag themselves to the venue where Doctor Theatre, which seems to be a heady concoction of adrenalin and determination, makes herself known and enables actors to not just survive but to shine. Then they suffer!

But sometimes…just sometimes…it is out of the question and we found ourselves having to cancel the last night of our recent show.

We are not alone of course. Countless shows, even those who do have the luxury of understudies, have fallen by the wayside and curtailed a run or cancelled a few shows.

No need for me to bang on about the resilience of theatre and theatre people because if you’re reading this then you get that.

Luckily for us we get to finish our show in a new and very wonderful venue and for an extra night.

We hope those who had a ticket can make this one and we hope that those who couldn’t come last time will this time.

So maybe see you there?

Town and Gown Pub and Theatre 12th and 13th May and a venue that you should explore for it’s varied programme for its great food and for it’s general lovely ambience.

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