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The Ancient Mariner

By Geoff Page

Jesus College Cambridge, The Chapel, 21 October 2022, 20:00

Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s gripping and compelling story is retold through this powerful musical drama.

One man retells his sad story; how he and his crew-mates set sail in good weather, but were soon beset by storm and then ice. In a callous act he shoots from the sky an albatross, and then watches as one after one his crew mates die.

But the mariner cannot die. He has been cursed for his crime against nature to be abandoned forever upon the wide, wide sea.

Geoff Page's score is communicative, atmospheric and memorable. It's a real tour de force from both performers.

Ralph Woodward

Page's immensely creative score was as fleet as any schooner in a howling gale.

Audience Member

Wilkinson kept the audience mesmerised with his powerful presence and total command of the music and poetry.

Cambridge Critique

I am so glad I was close enough to see the detail on the costume.

Audience Member