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Five Go Mad

By the cast

Mumford Theatre and The Junction Theatre, Cambridge April – July 2016

Nora is a bookworm, Chip loves trains, Scarlett is a Princess and Harry is all over the place. Perse? Well she does not like monkeys; especially their tails.

Five Go Mad and Then Grow Up and Are Not So Mad But Are Still Five… is a one-act play based on the devised piece of a GCSE drama class back in 2009. It follows the growing up and growing apart of the five characters and the question is, can we see in the children any clues to adults that they will become? After the play’s success at the Cambridge Drama Festival, Corkscrew took this show to the Hotbed Festival at the Junction Theatre.

This had pace, energy and panache. We totally believed in the characters and were engaged by their journeys and their transformations. The audience were totally involved so it was no surprise that it was awarded the Audience Appreciation prize at the festival. I very much enjoyed seeing your work.

Robert MeadowsGuild of Drama Adjudicator