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Two characters find themselves in a featureless room, with no memory of how they arrived there, or even who they are. Their only clues come from scraps of paper on the floor.

The Dreaming by Richard James is a surreal comedy which we first presented in the Corkscrew Young Talent Showcase back in 2014.
We knew at the time that with a bit more work, we could find even more humour and character in the rather simple script. So a year on, we are doing just that and working with other Corkscrew folk to add a few unscripted and unexpected extras. It is the sort of piece that would be spoilt by saying too much about it, so we hope you’ll be able to join us on the Friday evening of the Cambridge Drama Festival 2015.
The festival has been going for 40+ years and our director Lesley has been involved with various groups – very often including Farah and Ben.


The Mumford Theatre, Cambridge
24 April 2015

Testimonial coming soon