No Sleep for the Haunted

By Geoff Page

Corpus Playroom, Cambridge, 07 – 10 June 2017

Whether haunted by guilty secrets, dreadful premonitions, or terrifying spectres, all are caught in a nightmare, and desperately crave the blessed.

Henry has escaped from the stresses and strains of working as assistant manager in the Rutherford Community library, and is staying at ‘Sunshine Cottage’ on the Suffolk coast. Rather than brave the wind and rain he settles down to read some dark and disturbing ghostly tales, The Judge’s House (Bram Stoker) and The Signalman (Charles Dickens).

However, when he goes to the aid of a fellow guest who has unearthed an unusual treasure, he finds himself embroiled in a supernatural nightmare of his own as they are pursued by a malevolent ghost bent on revenge.

A very entertaining evening. High production values and really fine character acting helped to bring the piece to life and immerse one rapidly into its Victorian world of spooks and strange going ons.

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