By Geoff Page and Sophie McMahon

The Town and Gown Theatre, Cambridge, 27 – 30 December 2022

This beautiful wintry fairy-tale is retold through a funny and heart-warming new musical for all the family.

With a spiteful stepmother and a spoilt stepsister constantly bossing her around, and Max the dog as her only companion, life isn’t always easy for Alina. Still, she does what she can to remain cheerful, and to help those she sees in need all around her.

But just when she needs a friend more than ever before, she meets a kind and mysterious old man Morozko and his cheeky boy Jack. Suddenly everything about Alina’s life looks set to change forever…

Father Frost is a funny and heart-warming new musical retelling this classic wintry fairy-tale. There are dancing trees, howling wolves and a singing dog in this fun-filled show for all the family, packed with catchy tunes and colourful characters.

The set of Father Frost with snowy pine trees, large snowflakes and a rocking chair

This skilfully choreographed production by Corkscrew Theatre is compelling, amusing and uplifting. It’s a sparking gem.

Cambridge News Online

I really loved EVERYTHING about that...

Rory (age 6)

A delightful seasonal offering. The children in the sell-out audience fell in love with Max. ... Father Frost is a show to melt the heart.

Cambridge Critique

I want to see that again!

Isabelle (age 4)

We absolutely LOVED this show! From 7 years to 70 years old in our family, there was something for everyone.

Audience member