By David Greig

Storey’s Field Centre, Eddington, Cambridge, 04 – 07 November 2021

“A settled quarrel will make for a settled kingdom.”

“A settled kingdom is one in which everyone is dead.”

You topple a tyrant – and then what? How do you build peace? Especially when the ground is never solid beneath your feet.

Dunsinane takes the conclusion of Macbeth and runs with it. Taking inspiration from events in 21st century Iraq and Afghanistan as well as 11th century Scotland, Dunsinane uses both tragedy and humour to examine the plight of a peacekeeping force in an alien land.

Inventively staged, featuring live original music, in an architecturally acclaimed new venue, Dunsinane proved to be an exciting and thought provoking piece of theatre.


This amateur production of “Dunsinane” was presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals Ltd. on behalf of Samuel French Ltd.

A fantastic play with quality performances as always from Corkscrew.

Audience member

Enjoyed it tremendously. ... The parallel between the attritional war of the Scots against their English invaders and the Taliban and the Allies in Afghanistan was palpable.

Audience member

It was a mesmerising performance of power and inner conflict... This was a crackingly good outing for David Greig's great play.

Cambridge Critique

Corkscrew Theatre Company, Director, cast and production team should be justifiably satisfied with creating such a quality evening of theatre in a new Cambridge venue.

Julie Petrucci