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Corkscrew intern programme

Every now and then we meet an incredibly talented young performer or crew member and want to support them and offer them some opportunites that they otherwise might not come across.

We’ are lucky enought ot have worked with many great practitioners in acting, music and backstage. So to share this with the next generation of theatre lovers and makers, we started the Corkscrew Intern Programme.

“Corkscrew is full of the most talented and lovely people. We just want to share this with the next generation.”

LesleyCreative Director, Corkscrew

About the programme

The Corkscrew Intern Programme is a way for young performers and creatives to dip into the combined skills of theĀ  Corkscrew team and friends; whether they be trained actors, professional musicians or experienced theatre makers.

Invitation only…sorry!

The programme exists for young theatre makers that we meet and is not open to application.

  • Acting workshops
  • Audition prep
  • 1:1 support with Corkscrew team
  • Invitation to attend any Corkscrew rehearsals
  • Singing workshop with Geoff Page
  • Audition prep
  • Workshops with experienced singers and musicians
  • Invitation to work on Corkscrew productions
  • Work alongside experienced lighting, sound and stage designers
  • Complimentary tickets to Corkscrew productions
  • Headshots with our photographer

Current interns

Arden John

Actor and Crew

Arden earned his place as a Corkscrew Intern when he bravely took on Sophie's part in the Happy Prince in summer 2021. He had the dubious honour of being stabbed by Sophie in Dunsinane. He is currently studying Drama alongside his other A-Levels at sixth form.

Emilia Rowland


Emilia has been on the Corkscrew radar for many years and worked with Lesley since her primary school play days.

Lottie Newman

Actor and Crew

Lottie is studying for her GCSEs and earned her place on the programme following her performance in Dunsinane and supporting the company with many other shows.