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In the Director’s Chair with Chris Avery

By February 23, 2020February 24th, 2020No Comments

Chris Avery is taking the reins as guest Director for our forthcoming production of Dunsinane. You can read more about that show here – ticket information will be announced soon. We’re all delighted to have her on board.

Here’s what she had to say about why she loves doing what she does.

I’m a hopeless addict when it comes to directing. When I come across a well written script with great characters and something interesting and challenging to say, I immediately want to share it with others in the hope that they’ll love it as much as I do. It always amazes me that everything I need in order to bring it to life on stage is there, in the form of words on paper. That, and my imagination . . .

For me, understanding a script, teasing out the writer’s intentions, and inspiring actors to make them clear to an audience, is the essence of directing. Not that it’s all down to me – sharing my thoughts with actors, and listening to their ideas and suggestions, is a collaborative process that brings much enjoyment and provides  huge satisfaction in our joint creativity. And then there are wonderful set and costume designers, lighting and sound experts, and everyone who makes up the team that brings everything to fruition so that it can be presented to an audience. And to think it all started with me reading a book . . .

Plays I’ve directed which I remember with a smile include Arcadia, Humble Boy, Lear’s Daughters, The Door, Escaped Alone . . . and many more!

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