Guys and Dolls

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SYD LogoLast week a few of us from Corkscrew went to see Sawston Youth Drama’s production of Guys and Dolls. This group and this show has special significance for Bobby as he spent a fair few years of his youth playing on stage with them and his last role was Nathan Detroit in 2006.

It’s always encouraging to see such a slick production from a young and talented cast. We were particularly impressed with the energy from the Guys who under the direction of Janet Macleod nailed some tricky harmonies with real gusto and completely nailed the affable gangster atmosphere.

Many quality performances in main roles and supporting parts.

This show was the last to be directed by Gary Bonner and MD’d by Janet Macleod after a zillion years at the helm (we wouldn’t like to say how many years!)

Janet and Gary were great fun to work with and have always produced shows of an excellent standard. On Wednesday (opening) night the leader of the SYD organisation Mark Long thanked Janet and Gary for their service to the group, the school and the community. All at Corkscrew would like to say ‘Hear, hear!’

Gary first got involved with SYD when he spent some time with the boys for West Side Story. As a young Shark in this show, I remember him working with us specifically on getting the edginess between Jets and Sharks which resulted in some bruising during a very heavy rumble!

Bobby says that Janet is probably the sole reason he went on to MD and continue to take an interest in MD’ing shows and is certainly the reason that he chose to study music at university.

So his personal thanks extend to both Janet and Gary for the effort they have put into the group and special thanks for the time you spent “with a young spotty teenage version of me!”

Here’s hoping you enjoy future shows from your new place in the auditorium. We think designated thrones would be in order.


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