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Here’s a lovely thing.

I think it’s probably fair to say that just about everyone involved with Corkscrew began playing around in theatres at a young age. Some at school, some in amateur youth companies some in their living rooms performing for an over-appreciative audience of grandparents with siblings roped in as extras.

Since we all grew up a bit and started taking it all a little more seriously we have been lucky enough to come across some young actors, dancers, musicians and techies who amaze us with their talent, commitment and energy.

We all know that ‘making it’ into drama school and into any kind of career in the arts is pretty damn hard so we started to think what we could do to help the best of this bunch.

Then we needed someone to take a role in the Happy Prince. Limited rehearsal time, an established ensemble and stepping into Sophie’s shoes. Quite a challenge.

Step forward Arden John.

I don’t think he would mind me saying that it was a little on the scary side, but step in he did and he was great.

The idea of a Corkscrew intern programme was born. Just a few small offerings to support and nurture and encourage.

We have set up a few actual things – workshops and singsongs, but mainly we are here to have our theatrical brains, such as they are, well and truly picked.

We had a great session with Arden and Lottie who have managed to wangle being a group of two in their GCSE scripted piece and three of us watched and questioned and had some ideas.

We hope we were useful and that’s what we will continue to try and be.

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