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Who we are

Here is the core Corkscrew team, many of whom go back a long way. This isn’t everyone who works on all productions, and not everyone here works on every show, but these are the people who keep us going and keep us improving.

For more information about our Intern Programme and current interns, visit the intern page.

To everyone else we’ve worked with; huge thanks and we look forward to working with you again soon!

Lesley Ford

Artistic Director

With her Dad’s words ringing in her ears, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get,” Lesley has been asking and has managed to get all of the marvellous people below to come and play with Corkscrew. Their inability to argue back seems to be her superpower and that’s what makes Corkscrew special.

Sophie McMahon

Company Director

Sophie is a graduate of Drama Studio London and has been involved in many Corkscrew productions in various creative capacities including acting, writing movement direction and choreography.

Will Males

Company Manager

Defining Will’s Corkscrew role is always really difficult. First and foremost he is a talented actor, but he is also a willing and able ‘jack of all trades’. We’re very lucky to have someone who will put up posters in the rain, manage get ins, make props, run to the shops and handily drive a truck.

Liam High


Liam studied at the University of Warwick, where he graduated with a 1st class BA in English and Theatre Studies and ran his own theatre company. He is now working towards an MA in Playwriting and Manchester University.

Bobby Ford

Business Manager

Ernest T. Dog

Company Dog

Ernie is the most enthusiastic attendee at all rehearsals and after show parties he attends and has appeared in most shows' rehearsal photos. His acting range is limited, and he deeply regrets missing out on being a Shelby brother in the BBC drama series Peaky Blinders.

Kerri John

Technical Director

Kerri studied technical theatre at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, where she went on to work as a professional stage manager. Only Lesley Ford could drag her backstage again after years away!

Geoff Page

Resident Composer

Geoff Page is a music teacher but we are very glad that he is at heart a composer and a MD. He has written many musicals, three of which we have been delighted to produce. His shows are always dark, and quite often very silly. Really usefully he can, seemingly without effort, produce perfect underscoring for other Corkscrew productions.

Matt Wilkinson

Associate Artist

An alumnus of Mountview Academy, author, voice artist, zoologist and fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, Matt is something of a Renaissance man. He’s a regular speaker at the Cambridge Science Festival and London’s Royal Institution, and has appeared in a handful of Corkscrew shows, including 2019’s Ancient Mariner. He currently holds the company’s Most Luxuriant Beard record.

Reece David

Associate Artist

Reece last performed in Corkscrew’s The Portrait. He is currently studying actor training at Drama Studio London, as well as partaking in various creative projects.

Steve Nicholson

Associate Artist

Steve qualifies as Corkscrew’s MVP (most valuable player!) having been in five out of nine shows. He has worked with pretty much every Cambridge company and starred in an online drama.

Holly Masters

Associate Artist

Holly is a versatile young actor trained in musical theatre, but she is passionate about all forms of storytelling. She has been part of many Corkscrew productions, most recently ‘The Happy Prince’.

David John

Associate Artist

David has worked variously as an actor, director, lighting designer and technician on productions in Canada, the US and the UK and brings all this experience to the Corkscrew table.

Kate Molloy

Graphic Design

Kate is a Graphic designer working with small businesses around Cambridgeshire on branding, logo and print design projects.

Paul Ashley


Paul is a photographer living in Cambridge, UK. His work as a geologist, environmental scientist and amateur musician has taken him around the world and has given him privileged opportunities to develop his photographic experience.

He has a particular interest in photography of people, especially of performance:
- Music, theatre and dance
- Portraits and people at work
- The drama of the street

He is the editor of RPS Contemporary Photography, the quarterly journal of the Contemporary group of the Royal Photographic Society and a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society.

Eleanor Tipler

Costume Designer

Eleanor Tipler has a keen interest in costume construction, especially creating the weird and wonderful. She enjoys taking on the designer role, bringing together research and imagery to inform her work.

Having worked in a variety of genres, Eleanor has found her niche in working with circus performers. She also supervises on a variety of shows and can be found dressing at the Cambridge Arts Theatre.

Farah Najib

Writer in Residence

Farah is a graduate of play writing and applied theatre at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She lives for exciting new writing that says something about the world we're in today, and if it's made by women - even better!

Ali MacDonald


Ali has been actively involved in all sorts of theatre from an early age. Whilst studying for her BEd in Drama and English at Homerton College, Cambridge, Ali enjoyed digging deeper into the texts of the many shows she took part in.

Since then, she has been teaching and mucking about with kids in plays for 25 years and has adapted several Shakespeare plays for younger casts.


We don’t take donations, we work hard on our shows to make them financially viable, however, people have asked us in the past how they can donate to Corkscrew, well, you can’t. If you want to support us, please come to our shows, follow us on social media and share our stuff with your friends.

If you want to part with some cash, we love The Red Hen Project – a charity in Cambridge who work with some of the City’s socially and economically disadvantaged families to break the ‘poverty trap’ cycle. You can read more about the charity on their website, or donate using the donate button on the screen.

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