Corkscrew Theatre Company

Bringing together dynamic and talented individuals to create outstanding theatre.


A new theatre company in Cambridge


The Last Five Years

Our first show.

Bringing together dynamic and talented individuals – actors, directors, writers, producers, musicians and technicians (not necessarily all at once!) in a space where fresh and exciting ideas can be explored with an emphasis on quality, artist development and attention to detail.

Whatever style of theatre we choose to pursue and whatever the age and experience of each company we will tell stories that engage and entertain audiences whilst also pushing a few boundaries.

We will shamelessly draw on the experience of people we already know and we look forward to discovering the fresh ideas and talents of those we don’t. And we aim to do all of this while having the most fun possible!

 What an achievement; such a professional presentation and a beautiful musical balance.  I was in turn both moved to tears and laughter and completely wrapped up in the story.  

Last Five Years, 2014